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Chakra Dance Workshops

Chakra Dance uses spontaneous dance to heal and balance your body, mind and soul. Through dance, you move to specific music which resonates the vibrational frequency of the 7 chakras.

This creative movement ignites your imagination, which leads to an awakening and discovery of your true self. When you surrender to the music of each chakra you will open yourself to a higher level of spiritual connection and experience what is known as the rhythm of your soul.

Each workshop explores one of the chakras through specific music, guided imagery, meditation, and your own free improvised dance. The ambience of the room is created with candles and you move with eyes lightly closed. The class is finished with a self reflection through creating a mandala artwork.

Dancing the 7 chakras is like dancing into 7 different facets of yourself, with lessons, meanings and stories of their own. Each dance will help you feel more balanced, and joyfully radiating your true unique beauty, strength and essence.

Single Class Pass - $35

7 Class Pass (all 7 chakras) - $225


Each dance is 1.5 hours. Introduction to Chakra Dance tickets are now available! Please check out the bookings page for more info.

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