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Kahuna Healing Journey

A 6 week program to heal trauma.

The Kahuna Healing Journey is a 6 week program that supports you to heal the Trauma you have stored in your body. Through a variety of healing modalities you will be nurtured gently, in your own unique time, to unveil the story and the emotions behind the trauma.


During the 6 weeks you will experience:


Week 1
Initial 1 hour Body Mapping session to intuitively identify where you emotions are stored within the physical and energetic body.


Weeks 2 - 5
Each week you will immerse yourself into 90 minutes of deep healing and relaxation through the healing modality of Shamanic Kahuna Bodywork which involves long, flowing strokes that energetically release stored emotions through flow, breathwork and gentle massage. The inclusion of ancestral sound healing of both medicine drum and voice is integrated throughout the massage. Energetic Bodywork identifies ancestral past soul life and current life trauma held within your energetic and physical body. This healing reveals the core foundation of where the trauma stems from. When healed, it leaves your body feeling light, rejuvenated, balanced and grounded.


All 6 Weeks
Holistic Counselling support via sms provided when the trauma presents in between sessions. Daily journaling to support the healing process to connect and integrate both body and mind.


Week 6
Final Body Mapping to identify the transformed state of the physical and energetic body. Individualised plan to support ongoing healing and coping strategies if the trauma gets triggered.

For more information and a FREE 15 minute chat contact Tracy 0412932951 or book your initial session below.

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