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Being Gentle with Yourself

The woman of today has so many expectation she places on herself.

She seeks to achieve all of these at her highest potential and then burns out and falls in a heap.

I've been hearing the silent whispers of my Inner Voice and Higher Self saying BE GENTLE....slow down....take a breather...catch your breathe and treat yourself with loving kindness.

As empowered conscious women it is essential we treat ourselves in the way we encourage others to treat themselves.

How can we be more kind and gentle?

How can we set our own pace and rhythm?

What is it that we truly need to nurture ourselves?

I feel it is TIME... the gift of time to choose what is best for our minds, bodies and souls.

Time is so precious these's limited....and we seem to fill it so quickly....

What if we were to gift ourselves the CHOICE to create our own TIME.....

the choice to decide what time was best for us each day on our own selves.....quiet time, rest time, creative time, pamper time. nature time, family time.....

We seem to wake up in the morning and just go with the same old usual routine without making the space to create TIME just for ourselves and aligning our day so that it nurtures us in all ways.

So I encourage you to take a breather in the morning and connect within to ask yourself....what is it that I need today to be kind and gentle to myself? What do I need to do to make my day about nurturing me?

Draw your consciousness to how different your day then transpires and feels?

Ask yourself at the end of the day......

Have I been gentle and kind to myself today?

Do I feel nurtured?

Awesome if you say a big fat YES to both....

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