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Do you believe in Past SOUL lives?

I used to be a non believer in the esoteric spiritual world and shut off my intuitive thoughts, premonitions and even third eye visions as a child. The dreams and the nightmares became so vivid as a teenager, I made a conscious decision to abandon my higher consciousness , pushed it to the side and carried on in life........

Does this sound familiar?

As I lived my life, I saw the re-occurring patterns of :

* attracting the same abusive partners

* my lack of self worth

* the trauma I carried in my jaw and calves for my tribal ancestors

* my longing to belong to family /community

* my fear of being alone

* my casual relationship with money

These are just a few..... but I think you get the gist and I'm sure that at least one of these you can relate to.

Since being introduced to the Conscious World of living and connecting to my Higher Self and those who support me in the Spiritual World, I have come to understand that my SOUL has lived so much more than this life.

Through meditation, energy and shamanic healing work, I have connected with the esoteric world that has shone the light on all aspects of my life that have been impacted by past soul life experiences. My wounds were so deep , painful and overwhelming . Even though I searched for many answers through a range of healing modalities it only scratched the surface.

Once I opened my heart and consciousness to a higher energetic realm of the Akashic Field was I able to find my answers. Through this awareness that my body holds the cellular memory of my past soul lives enabled me to understand that my soul had relived these in this life. When I saw and heard these past lives stories my body and mind resonated with the familiarity of these. It remembered. The information was loving, kind and benevolent and only assisted me in alleviating the pain I carried in my present life.

The many layers of emotion, challenge and struggle have been lifted by connecting with these past lives. By healing the source of where the pain or challenge resides I was able to move more freely into creating my soul purpose for this lifetime.

If you are doubter like I was.....I'd encourage you to REMEMBER what your experience as a child was like.

Were you intuitive?

Did you feel things that made no sense but you just knew were true?

Did you ever wonder how we got here and what our purpose in being here was?

Most of us are inquisitive children with open minds and hearts but as we mould into society we dull our light, our inner explorer and visionary begins to fade until it's hidden in a place that you don't know it's place of hiding.

Once you connect back to your inner knowing....the veil of Consciousness will lift again for you. You will REMEMBER and it will bring so much JOY to your whole sense of being.

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