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Living from a Heart Space

What does this truly mean?

Loving everything and anyone...behaviour, word, event, emotion, thought?

Or connecting more to the aspects of life that make you feel LOVE.

On my spiritual journey of self discovery I have come to understand that there are many facets of love and each of us experience love in different ways. We also express it in a variety of ways.

How can I live from a space of love more?

I can fill my time with more positive experiences and people. I can connect within and listen to my higher self through meditation and reflection. I can love myself

more by exercising my body. I can feed myself healthy and nourishing food to

nurture my wellbeing from the inside out. I can spend time in nature and embody the unconditional love that Mother Earth gives freely. I can choose what I do with my time. I can choose to detox from experiences and people who energetically drain me. I can be organised and set clear intentions of financial support and abundance. I can express myself creatively so my emotions don't get bottled up and my feelings and thoughts are expressed well to the others. I can go with the flow more in life and be more present in what I say, do and think.

There are so many ways I can live from a space of love.

Most of it starts from within and making conscious choices about every moment .

As free spirits we always have choice. As intelligent beings we also know the consequences of our choices.

How will you live from a space of love ? Will this be a conscious decision you make everyday or is it something you aspire to and when it happens then great....but when it doesn't your life mirrors what is happening within you.

Take the time to prioritise living from a space of LOVE. This high vibrational energy of love attracts more and more abundance and positive experiences and people into your life.

Give it a go and just watch and see your world turn around.

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