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The Magic in YOU

Can you see the magic in yourself?

Sometimes it feels like no-one sees that special part of you that makes you unique, lovable and like no other.

We experience rejection in relationships, friendships, job applications, a promotion ...even a lack of compliments.....we feel others spend their time, focus and admiration on others and it really feels like you don't you're just invisible like no-one sees you...feels you...hears you...takes you seriously.....or values you.

At times this can be disheartening especially when you think you're showing your true authentic self.....vulnerable , open, raw and true.....

But what if you explored the thought that others only mirror back to you how you feel about yourself ?

I know that's confronting.....but it's worth the time of exploring of why you get triggered.

Just for this moment ask yourself......" Do I see my own uniqueness and how special I truly am? "

If you answered YES then think of all the aspects about yourself that are unique, beautiful, lovable and worthy of being noted as SPECIAL.

Place your energy and focus on loving those parts of yourself. Others will and do notice these but you need to see them first for yourself.

What aspects come to mind that you feel you don't like and don't allow you to see yourself as the Unique Amazing person you are. Love them too.

If relationships don't turn out, a job doesn't work out, you don't get that raise or promotion or that desired compliment from that special someone then accept that and use it as a lesson to really SEE, VALUE and HONOUR yourself.

The people who see your magic will gravitate towards you and these connections will manifest positive outcomes, grow and compliment who you are. The ones who can't see your unique amazingness are blinded by other things where their focus is elsewhere. These are not in alignment with you so they don't see you for all of who you are. It doesn't mean you are not special, unique, beautiful and amazing.

Keep focus on who you truly are and just continue to be yourself nothing more, nothing less....because you are truly magnificent just as you are.

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