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What do your relationship with others mirror back to you ?

From the perspective that the relationship we have with ourselves is reflected in the relationships we have with others then what is being mirrored back to you in your relationships?

Is it a relationship that is unable to give full commitment?

Or a relationship that is unable to communicate true feelings?

Or perhaps a relationship that doesn't give you the attention you need or desire?

If you're in an abusive relationship then what kinds of abuse are you experiencing?

Maybe you're experiencing betrayal or a lack of respect?

Relationships are a reflection of aspects about ourselves that sometimes we are not willing or able to see. If we have a strong response to another persons behaviour then that is an indicator that it has triggered something we don't like or accept about ourselves..

Our humanness makes us imperfect so we all have flaws no matter how high vibrating or conscious living we are.

Our biggest lessons are often learnt in relationships with others. Sometimes these are very painful.

Quite often we have lived past lives with others where our souls continue to connect so that the lesson can be learnt. These relationships can present differently each soul life. For example one life you may be a married couple, the next life father and daughter. But the same soul connection will exist and the same lesson will present itself just in a different way.

So I encourage you to look at what your closest relationships are mirroring back to you. Instead of judging the other person and reacting to their behaviour take a step back and look at what it could be saying about your relationship with yourself.

How are you truly treating yourself?

Are you making enough time for yourself?

Are you committed to your health, finances, self care etc...?

Are you respecting and valuing yourself?

Are you treating yourself with emotional abuse or judging yourself harshly from within?

We see ourselves in the mirror …..quite often it's not all that attractive but it is us?

We often want to run away and disown that part of ourselves.... but it's alive and well and until we accept it and look at it directly then it will continue to show itself in others.

On a positive ,I am sure there are also many wonderful relationships you have that mirror all the awesome things about you too. So relish in those as well because the vibrational energy of gratitude helps to manifest even more fabulous relationships.

The key point though is to see yourself in others as reflections of you. See these for the lessons that they are. Learn from them and free yourself from having to repeat these again.

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