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What is Cellular Memory?

I had never heard of this term until a few years ago when I researched an unusual experience I had in a dental surgery. As a young adult my body went into shock as a dentist started to drill into my tooth/gum without the anaesthesia taking effect. My body shook and tears rolled down my face as he continued the procedure. The dental nurse held me down with comforting words of , "It's ok." But to tell you truth my body was saying, "This is not ok."

A few years later I bravely decided it was time to revisit the dentist ,(different one of course), to simply have my teeth cleaned and checked. As I stepped into the Dental Surgery my body began to shake. My heart was palpitating just sitting in the waiting area. When I finally was seen by the dentist and he began to check my teeth tears rolled down my face and my body went into shock yet again. Thankfully the dentist stopped and gave me time to calm down. I experienced body memory also known as cellular memory. My body went into the same traumatic response I had the last time I visited the dentist. It remembered.

Cells remember all of who you have been in past lives and all of who you are up until this present time. As you grow and change in any aspect of your life your cells continue to update this new information.

Patterns from past lives can be inherited into our present life. These patterns can be modified by changing the experience in this lifetime. Cells constantly grow and die. They reflect the universe and it's constant changes of dark and light. When you consciously make change on a physical, mental and spiritual level it accelerates healing. Then change affects your cellular memory by updating this new information. It renews and replaces it with the new healthy ways of living that has a profound transformation on your life.

Your cells need energetic nourishment to thrive in life. They require love energy the most . It is so important for us to receive and give love often to be able to live our highest potential.

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