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Soul Journey Work

Discover How To Connect To Your Highest Potential To Get Answers, Heal Yourself, Attract Abundance, Connect To Your Soul’s Purpose… And Enrich Your Life!

Introducing Soul Journey Work

Imagine the power of unlocking the secrets and purpose of your past lives?

Understanding the reasons you’re experiencing emotional and /or physical pain and why it’s still unhealed?

Then, discovering the ways you can heal, resolve and unblock those re-occurring patterns and habits that keep showing up in your present life?

Discover The Fabulous Gifts That Are Waiting For You

The Soul Journey Sessions are the next step on your path to personal fulfilment. They are spiritual experiences that help you clear the way and propel you forward in your personal and spiritual development, while safely escorted with loving guidance and protection.
Where you can safely…
•    explore your life’s soul purpose on a deeper level
•    connect to your highest soul potential for this lifetime
•    understand the dynamics of your relationships and most importantly...

End those viscous cycles that keep reoccurring in your life!
The Akashic Records: The Key To Your Soul’s Journey

Through the Quantum Energy field, we can access the Akashic Records of our Soul Journey. Here we can unlock our souls experience from past lives, present life and even possible future lives.

Our soul carries the memory of our past lives through our cellular body and until we heal the past experiences, we continue to relive these memories and this knowledge you gain from your Akashi Records is powerful as it provides you with the answers you need to clear those unresolved patterns and habits that continue to arise within your present life.

"Going into my Akashic Record Reading I was very open. To say I waa amazed is an understatement. I could not believe how my past lives have entwined into my present life. To go back and explore certain aspects was absolutely amazing and brought clarity into certain struggles I still have now.

I then went back to Tracy for the Akashic Healing. So unbelievable. The whole experience has now helped me move forward in my present life. 

I cannot thank Tracy enough for her gentleness in guiding me through this experience."

- Kim Ristuccia, October 2018

Choose The Soul Journey Experience For You… 
Soul Journey Awakening

90 min Session


The Soul Journey Awakening session will provide you with:

  • Access to your Akashic Records through a spoken prayer for your highest good

  • An Akashic Record Reading that answers 5 Questions you’ve been searching answers for reconnection to your past life experiences related to these topics to give you a clearer understanding of the reason why aspects of your life are the way they are now

  • Ways to heal and move forward in your life 

  • A vision of your highest soul potential and purpose. 

  • 1.5 hours of dedicated 1:1 face to face / zoom time 

  • Final prayer to close your Akashic Records

  • A meditation to ground you at the end of the session

Your Investment $160

Soul Journey

90 min Session


The Soul Journey Healing will provide you with:

  • Access to your Akashic Records through a spoken prayer for you highest good

  • An opportunity to set an intention to heal a specific pain, illness and/or unblock a reoccurring life pattern/habit in your present life

  • Connection to a variety of past lives that draw upon your strengths to heal and overcome these challenges

  • Awareness of where you store your emotions in your body

  • Breathwork to release these stored emotions

  • Connection to your guides, your higher self, angels, power animals and crystals to assist you in the healing process

  • 1:1 face to face or Zoom Healing Session for 1.5 hours

  • A final prayer to close your Akashic Records

  • Guided meditation to complete and ground the session and integrate the healing within your body, mind and soul

Your Investment $160

Soul Journey Package

2x 90 min Sessions


Book both your Soul Journey Awakening session and Soul Journey Healing session at the same time and save.

Sessions can be booked for separate days and times.

This is the perfect package if:

  • You are ready to find answers to questions you've been searching for

  • You're ready to heal and move forward in your life

Your Investment $300  (Full Value $320

Soul Journey Workshops

Learn How To Access Your Own & Others' Akashic Records


In this uplifting and intimate workshop for just 10 participants you will be enlightened and empowered with the new skill of accessing your own and others Akashic Records. This is a gift that will enrich your life and the lives of others connected to you.

In this empowering workshop you will learn how to:

  • Access the energetic library of your Souls History through the Akashic Records

  • Connect with the Akashic Record Library, the Lords and your personal spirit guides though your senses - vision, words & feeling

  • Understand your past soul lives and their connection to your present life experiences

  • Enhance your intuition, psychic abilities and connection to your higher self and guides

  • Equip yourself with a new skill that will support you in your daily life to move past any negative patterns

  • Connect with your higher soul purpose and learn practical steps already written in your records to achieve this

  • Share your experience of accessing your Soul Past lives with others in the group

  • Learn how to read and access others Akashic Records 

  • Pair with each other to access the Soul History of others through the Akashic Records by written , visual and verbal interpretation

  • Feel supported by like minded students on the same learning path as you

  • Explore ways to heal the soul story of others

  • Learn ways you can bring this new skill into your practise if you are a practitioner / healer OR for personal use to support your family and friends

Healing With The Akashic Records

A Workshop For Holistic Therapists And Healers, Limited To 10 Participants


This event is for Holistic Therapists and Healers who would like to explore ways they can integrate the information received from the Akashic Records into healing within specific modalities.

If you are not a healer or a therapist but interested in learning how to heal others around you then you are more than welcome to participate.

Join me for a tailored workshop that will support you individually in the unique way you work with your clients, friends, family and loved ones.

Learn how the Akashic Records can be an effective tool to integrate into your specific modality that will elevate the transformation within your clients.

This workshop will broaden your ability to connect with others Akashic Records by learning how to help others heal from Past Soul Life experiences. As a result, this heals the repeated story within the persons present life .

You will enjoy observing and learning from each participant as they showcase their specific therapy with the integration of the Akashic Records.

Enjoy 4 hours of fun, learning and support with likeminded souls as you add another skillset to the toolkit enhancing the existing work you already do to support others.

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